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January 2014

L’Isle-Verte This heart is cold, my tears – salt-less. They fall, freeze impenetrable. ~ The Poet’s Shame as if the haiku could ever make it better for the mourning time ~ RK January 2014 Advertisements

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Wales Ave Pantoum

Transcribing this from journal to post, Dust Bowl III – Other Lives – Tamer Animals plays in the background. The drums, the chanting lyrics give lie to its title. No irony that we call the aridity of our spirits a dust bowl, when in reality these dark nights of the soul are vessels with which to capture our tears. I am told to dig where the tears fall. ~ Leslie RunawayKeyboard Holt Continue reading

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Waiting for the other shoe

She heard the words It gets better Saw the look on the face, the heart You know the look The kind that says That asks Can you speak softer, slower Feed me with a tiny, gentle dropper Remind me that … Continue reading

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“When I change the way I look at things, the things I look at change.” A day of sadness She looks for a moment through his eyes. All is well.

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