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We have become Rumpelstiltzkin™️

The Celtic Knots are captured, their weavers taken, sounds of play stifled ~ There is surveillance in the windowless places, issue under watch ~ It’s like spinning straw into gold, only it’s not, it’s not that at all. ~ The … Continue reading

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Prose: Treat Yourself Gently

Just as I pick up the scrap of paper that says, “TREAT YOURSELF GENTLY” –– Treat yourself gently it says it in all caps printing, tho in a lower kind of uppercase, apologetic even, tight and uneven and in the … Continue reading

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Dear Mr Fantasy: Here are my humble hamburgers

[Soniferous stanzas of suspicious haiku: aka “Whale Meat Again” with deep, deep dive thanks to Jim Capaldi, cursory apologies to E.C. Segar, creator of Popeye and an abiding merci à Wikipedia] ~ Here are my ham burg ers, they’re not … Continue reading

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Wear black. Don’t be late.

Three haiku about a brief gig as a clerk at a big box bookstore. Perfectly found while doing some deep cleaning among home bookshelves. From 2004. There are more somewhere, lurking in the stacks. They’re wearing jaunty berets, seriously busy … Continue reading

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Take It With Me: A Thank You for Tom Waits

Beyond the rush of the clock, where time is of the essence: did you hear me? Hurry up! (This is a crisis) Beyond the eyes that droop, when flesh is so bone-tired: you will stay up all night. (You owe … Continue reading

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Fresh Snow

The hilled drive is covered with tracks up and down owning the night’s fall. ~ RK ~ 03/14/18

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Good for my soul

Doodles are freedom. No redos, just long stretches. A pen’s prancing. Yes. ~ RK ~ 03/17/04

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