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Perennial Flotsam

Perennial Flotsam. And found today. Another surprise. Must have been a day like today. Only cooler. Less messy. All these, mine from September 2006, under yet another pseudonym. Only cooler. And less doubtful. In reverse order. The feathers. The feathers … Continue reading

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Forgiveness is not fairy dust

It could be one Saturday morning in May, a morning when you’re still in a bathrobe, so relieved it’s clean and cosy Continue reading

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How to be an elder

Both types are muted messages. Muted messages that whisper “I was here.” Messages that span time and distance, their power made all the more sorrowful when I remember at what cost they were purchased. Messages all the more sorrowful for their silent, “Please forgive me for leaving traces of myself.” Continue reading

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DST (Don’t Save This)

Found today: Strapless, and stemmed at 12:34 for eternity. ~ RK ~ 11/04/17

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A Unison

I remember you Four o’clock in the morning you told me You awoke One hundred ten miles an hour (Was it a Chevrolet?) the last five hours forgotten face-to-face with the only facts: Your speedometer registering red, Two of the … Continue reading

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Inside Out

What if you fall asleep with words and questions jammed in your head like a subway station platform packed with people pushing, they board the train, full and full, car after car, full with words and questions, the doors close … Continue reading

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Rock & Roll Rushes

Lush, quiet marshes; We kick up clouds of flight, leave cows ambivalent. ~ RK ~ 07/29/17 ~

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