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DST (Don’t Save This)

Found today: Strapless, and stemmed at 12:34 for eternity. ~ RK ~ 11/04/17 Advertisements

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A Unison

I remember you Four o’clock in the morning you told me You awoke One hundred ten miles an hour (Was it a Chevrolet?) the last five hours forgotten face-to-face with the only facts: Your speedometer registering red, Two of the … Continue reading

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Inside Out

What if you fall asleep with words and questions jammed in your head like a subway station platform packed with people pushing, they board the train, full and full, car after car, full with words and questions, the doors close … Continue reading

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Rock & Roll Rushes

Lush, quiet marshes; We kick up clouds of flight, leave cows ambivalent. ~ RK ~ 07/29/17 ~

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I am

I am a hobo at heart it seems despite my preference for first-class or at least all amenities available. ~ I am fed, watered, relaxed in the sun as the landscape flashes by. It is a brilliant day in body … Continue reading

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And exhausting

Ridiculous. And ironic. To struggle that I might stop struggling. RK ~ 7/22/17 ~

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Lear’s Beautiful Boat

I am nearly 13 hours asleep in this nearly empty place together with a sofa and a coffee table adrift. ~ I feel like the poem come alive, The Owl and The Pussy-cat out to sea in a pea-green boat. … Continue reading

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