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Vancouver taught meĀ 

Vancouver taught me to love the rain Two thousand miles away tonight I hear my skin ache for a downpour, this downpour on top, tapping wood, canvas, earth, sea, yes seen always barefoot running in it for forty days and … Continue reading

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Zen Forest Laughter

Unmoored, real estate ad floats to face marshland trees. “They call it Billboard.” ~ RK ~ 6/15/17 ~

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Her Pillows

They are as neat and as tidy as can be expected, the ticking clean, clear of blemish or stain, with wee, blue and white flowers, her favourite colours, the two of them sit like that, one atop the other at … Continue reading

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Haiku for Two

The season of lemonade tables, of farmers’ markets and yard sales has arrived. What a gift that for many of us these places and bazaars are luxuries and not necessities; proof of abundance and not the scrabble of the basics … Continue reading

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