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How to be an elder

Both types are muted messages. Muted messages that whisper “I was here.” Messages that span time and distance, their power made all the more sorrowful when I remember at what cost they were purchased. Messages all the more sorrowful for their silent, “Please forgive me for leaving traces of myself.” Continue reading

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DST (Don’t Save This)

Found today: Strapless, and stemmed at 12:34 for eternity. ~ RK ~ 11/04/17

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Zen Forest Laughter

Unmoored, real estate ad floats to face marshland trees. “They call it Billboard.” ~ RK ~ 6/15/17 ~

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The Politics of Dancing … or how the Universe works

He asked if he could be Chagall, well, to be perfectly clear, he said he wanted to be the guy from Belarus one of her all-time favourite places never visited and just like that he found himself sitting at this … Continue reading

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