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Letters of resignation

Written along the musical rivers of San Sebastian. Thank you Alfie Zappacosta. Leslie Holt dreamt she was a Contemporary Poet. RunawayKeyboard wanders still. Continue reading

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What do you have to say for yourself?

“All these words are just a front. What I would really like to do is chain you to my body and sing for days and days and days about God.” ~ Hafiz Continue reading

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“Sometimes” Sometimes I think you have infiltrated the Toronto Star and re-write the Saturday horoscopes every Friday afternoon. I think you have been doing this since January 2004. ~ Sometimes I think Post Secret is your Brainchild and I want … Continue reading

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Paranoid Haiku

“Paranoid Haiku” I have imagined that every living soul was on your payroll

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High forehead or stakes

Career Change: or, when Immoveable force meets with Total surrender

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Occupy this: or why I love the Muffin Man

She got off the streetcar at her usual time – always late – although she was a little unsettled. Her surly, grim-faced driver was no where in sight, instead, a shining, smiling, rookie drove that day, somehow knew this was … Continue reading

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The Greatest Story Ever Told

Stevens had it wrong, but we bought our tickets, our popcorn and candy, lined up, as we are wont to do for epics, sat down in the dark, away from too tall, too fat, too afro’d other-goers, those of us … Continue reading

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