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Driving the Slipstream

On the last leg of the five-hour trip I hear a thought: There is such a thing as a highway slipstream. No sooner have I thought it than I become aware of two silvery ghost cars up ahead of me, … Continue reading

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As soon as I strike the match

Finally outlines begin to emerge. Three deer stand just on the fringe of the tree line and the sweet grass, where the rock meets tundra. One deer is quite large, two are successively smaller, they are like the Three Deer of Goldilocks. Continue reading

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Her Pillows

They are as neat and as tidy as can be expected, the ticking clean, clear of blemish or stain, with wee, blue and white flowers, her favourite colours, the two of them sit like that, one atop the other at … Continue reading

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Sixty Nanoseconds

My ego boosts trucks, Likes sirens, lights. Everything  an EMERGENCY. RK ~ 5/16/17

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If I could not hold you

If I could not hold you, I would hold the memory of then, those moments when the thought – the very thot – of not holding you was unthinkable, the not holding not even a thot Hold the memory of … Continue reading

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Dear Doctor Wu

Did she know when she carried you, was she like Mary knowing one day you’d be King of the World, already signed, sealed and delivered from the beginning from the very beginning – impatient to arrive, to wear your Fez, … Continue reading

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I wish

of all I wish, I wish for that Bodhi Tree the soft grasses roundabout the sky lit up with the fragrance of the peace that excels all thought.   I imagine the grandchildren, there after the lovemaking, your hand still … Continue reading

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