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Zen Forest Laughter

Unmoored, real estate ad floats to face marshland trees. “They call it Billboard.” ~ RK ~ 6/15/17 ~ Advertisements

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All these thoughts

“All these thoughts, the higher ones, you know the ones, they look like marching columns of “I”s …” Leslie Holt dreamt she was a Contemporary Poet. I love you, RunawayKeyboard Woman. Continue reading

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Utility POV

“Utility POV” “…suffice. I cannot write more than a few lines by hand without my hand and wrist cramping – it’s instant pins and needles for my fingers. Carpal tunnel is why I fail to seize the day.”

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“My mind holds the key … “

The end of a productive day, I come here and listen to Peter Gabriel and his song, “My Body is a Cage.” It isn’t really. So far I am ambulatory – a term that seems a contradiction, a term that … Continue reading

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