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And exhausting

Ridiculous. And ironic. To struggle that I might stop struggling. RK ~ 7/22/17 ~ Advertisements

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Zen Forest Laughter

Unmoored, real estate ad floats to face marshland trees. “They call it Billboard.” ~ RK ~ 6/15/17 ~

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May you park in health

This five-day pass is done. He gives me free exit, “card as souvenir”. RK ~ 5/16/17

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Human Factors: mine are green

My eyes long for the printed page. Closing them, I smooth, trace the paper. ~ RK ~ 050814

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Death by a thousand cuts

Paper cut reminds me I am all flesh and no bone. Seriously. ~ RK

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ACOA Go Time: note to self

we are leaving. we are getting safe. that’s all we need to know, Dear One. ~ RK ~ 04/09/14

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I am not beige

My eyes are green. This heart bleeds red. This love, purple. My poetry, blue. ~ RK ~ 04/08/14

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