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DST (Don’t Save This)

Found today: Strapless, and stemmed at 12:34 for eternity. ~ RK ~ 11/04/17 Advertisements

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As soon as I strike the match

Finally outlines begin to emerge. Three deer stand just on the fringe of the tree line and the sweet grass, where the rock meets tundra. One deer is quite large, two are successively smaller, they are like the Three Deer of Goldilocks. Continue reading

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Vancouver taught me 

Vancouver taught me to love the rain Two thousand miles away tonight I hear my skin ache for a downpour, this downpour on top, tapping wood, canvas, earth, sea, yes seen always barefoot running in it for forty days and … Continue reading

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A Unison

I remember you Four o’clock in the morning you told me You awoke One hundred ten miles an hour (Was it a Chevrolet?) the last five hours forgotten face-to-face with the only facts: Your speedometer registering red, Two of the … Continue reading

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Inside Out

What if you fall asleep with words and questions jammed in your head like a subway station platform packed with people pushing, they board the train, full and full, car after car, full with words and questions, the doors close … Continue reading

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Rock & Roll Rushes

Lush, quiet marshes; We kick up clouds of flight, leave cows ambivalent. ~ RK ~ 07/29/17 ~

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I am

I am a hobo at heart it seems despite my preference for first-class or at least all amenities available. ~ I am fed, watered, relaxed in the sun as the landscape flashes by. It is a brilliant day in body … Continue reading

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