Lear’s Beautiful Boat

I am nearly 13 hours asleep

in this nearly empty place

together with

a sofa and a coffee table adrift.


I feel like the poem come alive,

The Owl and The Pussy-cat

out to sea

in a pea-green boat.


The thoughts are circling like Big Sky clouds or scavenging birds, I don’t know which or both; this is the move without end, the move unexpected. I drive another round-trip, dead-head run.


I return home from home, I don’t know which or both. Last night another meal of take out. I am barely hungry.

I opt instead, tear open a King’s Fortune, break out that slim, bilingue, little slip of paper, madly almost sure it holds the answer. Some deep Tao Te Ching in a short order kitchen.

I am not disappointed.

Never disappointed.

I am one of the luckiest, wealthiest, happiest women in the world:

“You will be having a lot of a fun.”

You know?






About Leslie Holt

Writer ~ Artist "Any complaint in regard to this article must be accompanied by this tag."
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